Amintas Brandão Jr.

PhD Candidate University of Wisconsin, Nelson Institute

Advisor: Professor Holly Giibs, PhD

Amintas is a Brazilian Environmental Engineer with a Master degree in Geographic Information Systems from Clark University. For the last decade, he worked at Imazon (Brazil) conducting Remote Sensing and GIS studies in the Brazilian Amazon. He joined the Gibbs lab in fall 2016 to contribute with the assessment of the response to supply chain governance efforts in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. He mains interests are decision support tools, land change modelling and geo-cloud computing applications.

SIGAM : A web-platform to support the decentralization of the Environmental Management from the State to the municipal level. Installed in the State of Pará, Brazil, the system was developed with support from USAID, Skoll Foundation, and Mercy Corps. Collaboration in the project – coordinator.  More information found at IMAZON

SEEG : An independent Green House Gas Emissions System developed by the Brazilian Climate Observatory. With financial support from several sources, SEEG was launched in 2013 in Brazil and expanded to Peru, and India. Collaboration in the project – coordinator of the Land Use and Forest Sector in Brazil. More information found at SEEG

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