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Brazil news

Press release – Avoided Deforestation Linked to Environmental Registration of Properties in the Brazilian Amazon

The Nature Conservancy – 23 Global Food Companies Commit to Preserve Brazil’s Cerrado Savanna

O Eco – Os portões do desmatamento

Reuters – Shady slaughterhouses, ‘cow laundering’ drive spike in Amazon deforestation

Stanford News – Biofuels boom could fuel rainforest destruction

Stanford News – Most new farmland comes from cutting tropical forest

Thomas Reuters Foundation – Brazil meatpackers show supply-chain rules can protect forests – researchers

Think Progress – Brazilian Ranchers Aren’t Cutting Down As Much Forest Anymore. Here’s Why.

Pacific Standard – A Rainforest-Protection Policy That Really Works

Climate Wire – Major meatpacking company keeps its ‘zero-deforestation’ promise — study

Mongabay – Corporations rush to make zero-deforestation commitments, but is it working?

Estado de S. Paulo – Acordos por pecuária sem desmatamento são eficazes, mostra estudo

I4U News – Zero Deforestation Agreements Show Impact In Brazilian Beef Industry

Spiegel – Brasilien: Millionen Hektar Regenwald durch Soja-Anbau in Gefahr 

Folha – “Soya Moratorium” Helped Reduce Amazon Deforestation, Study Finds

Science Daily – Brazil’s soy moratorium still needed to preserve Amazon

ORM News – Pecuária pode avançar na Amazônia sem aumentar desmatamento

A Voz do Xingu – Pecuária pode avançar na Amazônia sem aumentar desmatamento

Science 2.0 – Cattle Ranchers And Policy Agreements In Brazil Lead To 10X Decline In Deforestation

The Cattle Site – Curbing Rainforest Destruction is Work in Progress

Época Magazine Blog – Pressão dos frigoríficos reduziu desmatamento no Pará

Diario de Cuiaba – Pesquisadores defendem importância

Ecorazzi – McDonald’S Has Helped Slow Amazon Rain forest Deforestation

Bauernzeitung – Soja-Moratorium erfolgreich im Schutz des Regenwald

Revista Globorural – Pesquisadores defendem moratória da soja na revista Science

Oeco – Pesquisadores defendem extensão da moratória da soja

Estado – Cientistas defendem prorrogação da moratória da soja na Amazônia

Prof Gibbs was interviewed about the renewal of the Soy Moratorium by Ecosystem Marketplace. Click here to read.

Prof Gibbs was interviewed and quoted by the Guardian in the article “A McDonald’s Policy Is Saving More Rainforests Than the Brazilian Government.” Click here to read.

“How Brazilian beef industry became latest ally in fight against deforestation.” The Christian Science Monitor wrote an article highlighting research done by the GLUE lab for their work on how the Brazilian beef industry is helping to curb deforestation. Click here to read the article.

“Brazil’s soy moratorium dramatically reduced Amazon deforestation.” Mongabay Environmental News interviewed Prof Gibbs about her lab’s recent study on the reduction of deforestation for soy expansion in the Amazon that was published in the journal Science. Click here to read.

Prof Gibbs was interviewed and quoted by the Guardian in the article “Brazil beef industry pledges cut Amazon deforestation.” Click here to read.

Prof Gibbs interviewed about changing drivers of deforestation for “In Common” magazine. Click here to read.

Prof Gibbs was interviewed and quoted in Rueters news article “Amazon forest destruction slowing – Brazil”. Click here to read.

USA news

E & E News – Land conversion for crops drives climate change – study

Reuters – U.S. biofuels policy contributes to global warming: study

The Washington Post – Energy and Environment North America’s grasslands are slowly disappearing — and no one’s paying attention

Portland Business Journal – Preventing the conversion of Pacific Northwest grasslands offers big climate benefits

KTIC Radio – Cropland Conversion Could Have Troublesome Effect On Conservation

Bloomberg – Crop-Price Plunge Helps Hunters as Pheasants Fly in South Dakota

Star Tribune – In Minnesota’s farm country, clean water is costly

Tyler Lark was interviewed for NPR’s Market Place about his study on the carbon footprint of converting grassland to cropland. Click here to listen to the interview and read the article.

Tyler Lark was interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio about his study which showed that Minnesota converted more wetlands than any other state when crop prices spiked. Click here to read the article.

Tyler Lark was interviewed by Grist for the article “Can cheaper corn change the way we farm?” Click here to read.

Other news
Prof Gibbs spoke about land use and bio-energy on the Wisconsin Public Radio Larry Meiller talk show on July 25, 2012. Listen to the podcast here.

Prof Gibbs quoted in August 2012 Nature Climate Change news article “Measurement challenges”.  Click here to read.

Prof Gibbs quoted in March 2012 Nature news article “Farm focus for saving trees”. Click here to read.

Prof Gibbs on Nova Science Now Algae Fuel Television Special. Click here to watch.

Prof Gibbs on KQED QUEST public television Algae Power Special. Click here to watch.

Coverage in UW News “What Lies Beneath”, September 2010. Click here to read.

Stanford University press releases:
Biofuels boom could fuel rainforest destruction, Stanford researcher warns
Most new farmland from forest

Prof Gibbs speaking at a press conference at the United Nations Conference of Parties where she served on the Papua New Guinea official delegation as a REDD science advisor, December 2008. Click here to watch.