Petterson Molina Vale

Post-doctoral Assistant Researcher


Petterson is a Brazilian environmental social scientist and a post-doctoral researcher holding a joint appointment between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of São Paulo. He joined the Gibbs Lab in April 2016 to contribute to data collection efforts and to the assessment of the effects of supply chain interventions for the reduction of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, including certification schemes and zero-deforestation commitments.

Petterson holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching from LSE and is a Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy. He has teaching experience from the Methodology Institute, Department of International Relations, and Department of Geography, LSE.

Some of Petterson’s most recent work include research on the political economy of environmental regulation in Brazil, focusing on the effect of foreign economic constraints on shifts in policy; a paper on “The changing climate of climate change economics” (Ecological Economics, 2016), and an op-ed in Brazil’s Folha de São Paulo on the outcomes of COP-21; and ongoing work with an international team of more than ten academics on the role of deforestation in hydrological services in Rondônia, Brazil. In his PhD thesis, submitted to the Department of International Development at LSE in September 2014, he studied indirect land use change in the Brazilian Amazon and the relation between deforestation and welfare. He developed a new approach to survey data collection that allowed him to generate spatially explicit representative household data for cattle ranchers in the Amazon at a lower cost and higher speed than usual.

If not at the office or classroom, Petterson is likely to be walking around town or somewhere in the natural world with his preferred mate, Tomas, hanging on his back or up on his shoulders.

The most recent news of Petterson’s work can be found here.